Stephanie Houston’s New Book, ‘MOM’, Is a Heartfelt Diary About a Daughter’s Appreciation for Her Mother’s Love and Support

Fulton Books author Stephanie Houston, a passionate writer, a former director and vice president in the field of legal and finance, and a fitness enthusiast, has completed her most recent book, “MOM”:  an adorable and uplifting journal that shares a daughter’s feelings and insights about her supportive and loving mother. She speaks about how her mom inspires her to become a better version of herself, setting good examples and giving people a positive outlook in life.   
“This book is about my life’s story of my family growing up but also focuses on the guidance of an incredibly special person in my life growing up—my mom! I could not think of a better name for the book than just to be simple and call it for what it is, Mom. This book will tell the life of not only me and my mother but our family in general. You will get to meet each of us and many others as well. This book should give your insight about what it is like to live with someone that is so loving and kind to not only her children and family but also to everyone else around her and the community. I do not expect everyone that reads this book to see things in the same way I did. However, I want to shed a light that no matter what we do in life and how we do it, there are always choices. And making the right ones are not only difficult in real life, but we like to set an example like those before us. One thing that I hope everyone who reads this book takes away is that no matter how much you go through in life, good or bad, and how much you truly love someone, you realize that you didn’t love them as much as you really could have until it is too late. With that said and in closing, do not wait! Buy the book to jump right in and experience so many real-life situations and stories and as many positive and a few negative emotions as possible, such as laughing, crying, reminiscing, and seeing the good in others. No matter how difficult things may get, there is always hope, and you can always find your happiness within. I want you to each enjoy this book as if you were right there in life with us as you may have experienced some of the trials and tribulations that we went through individually and as a family. And even though at times you feel like giving up on yourself or your dreams, do not! Dream your dream now! Only you can make it happen.
“Enjoy and God bless each one of you!”
Published by Fulton Books, Stephanie Houston’s book is a motivational account that makes readers realize the importance of a family’s love, guidance, and support as it builds the character of every child in the family. This book also reminds readers that there is always happiness and hope in life regardless of any trial and challenges one experiences personally or as a family.  
Readers who wish to experience this lovely work can purchase “MOM” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.
Source: Fulton Books