Stemedix and the University of South Florida Join Forces

Stemedix, Inc. is excited to announce its research collaboration agreement with the University of South Florida. This partnership will facilitate advancements in regenerative medicine offerings while helping provide a more precise and personalized approach to existing and future treatment options.
Stemedix, Inc. and the University of South Florida will partner together in an effort to advance the validity of stem cell treatments and overall patient outcomes. Further, this research will broaden the understanding of the full ability of current umbilical cord tissue products in the market and how they scientifically improve cell activity in the regenerative and healing process. 
The goal of this collaboration is to collect the appropriate data to create targeted and enhanced protocols that may then be used under a Research IND (investigational new drug) to achieve FDA approval.
“We are excited to be a contributing part of the research and advancement efforts to create protocols that will provide optimal patient outcomes. The groundwork we are doing today will help to create advanced targeted therapies to present to the FDA for approval,” said Fred Palmer, director of operations, at Stemedix, Inc. “Stemedix is proud to be partnering with this prestigious university to bring about exciting opportunities in the field of regenerative medicine for patients seeking an alternative option that will address their needs personally.”
Stemedix, Inc. has rooted in the foundation that regenerative medicine is the future and will continue its path of advancement for the medical industry in the service of their patients. Parallel to this partnership, they have established an actively updated blog site with scientific summaries of industry studies led by their Ph.D. team at
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Source: Stemedix, Inc