StealthMail Announces Email Security Solution for Google G Suite Customers

StealthMail, a company that has established itself as an expert in professional telecommunications security and a provider of business email security solutions, today announces Google G Suite support.

StealthMail introduces support for G Suite to maintain control of confidential information, safely transfer private data, and secure sensitive business communication.
StealthMail is designed to solve the global issue of the vulnerable state of email technology and prevent sophisticated scams.

The FBI reports one of such scams – Business Email Compromise (BEC) – to target both businesses and individuals to perform unauthorized transfers of funds with over $26 billion in total reported loss in 2019.

“The statistics show that legacy solutions have had little success in detection and prevention of such attacks,” says Evgen Verzun, the CTO at StealthMail. “StealthMail has enabled businesses running Microsoft Office 365 and Exchange Online to maintain control over their private data, secure the transfer of critical financial information, preventing BEC attacks with little to no change to employee workflows. We are excited to announce the solution for Google G Suite customers.”

StealthMail provides ultimate security due to the patented Secure Dynamic Network and Protocol (SDNP). The solution extracts all content from an email, encrypts it, transfers it to the protected company cloud and replaces it with a Stealth-link. Those recipients who are authorized by the sender can follow the link to view the content and all the attachments. The information is accessed directly from the protected company cloud through a secure SDNP channel and is never exposed to vulnerable SMTP servers.

StealthMail is a Microsoft One Commercial Partner. Its software solutions are co-marketed and seamlessly integrated with Microsoft products and services such as Azure Cloud. Previously available for Microsoft Office 365 users only, StealthMail’s capabilities are now available to Google G Suite customers.