StayRunners Issues Founders Shares Incorporates in Delaware and Commences First Financing Round

StayRunners, a Delaware Limited Liability Corporation, announces the issuance of the founders block in the corporation to the Sole Director and other founders of the Corporation. Further, StayRunners offers 1 million shares in the friends and family round of shares at a price of $0.35 cents a share whereby the Sole Director of the Corporation intends to register these shares with the United States Securities Exchange Commission in its first and founding steps to obtain a listing in the United States, Canada, and European quotation boards.
StayRunners offers the 24 Hour Virtual Liquor Store through its Friends with Fridges Network whereby people who have their own liquor for their own personal consumption at their own residences have extra liquor to be gifted and delivered to people who are over the legal age limit and are not intoxicated and in regions of the world where the possession and consumption of liquor is legal in exchange for a delivery fee.
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Source: StayRunners