Startup Focused on Redefining Capital Raising Announces 50th Private Fund on Its Platform

Avestor, a technology platform that simplifies capital raising for alternative investments, announces the 50th private fund hosted on its platform. The company has quickly gained momentum as a leading option for capital raisers and sponsors searching for a better way to raise capital by eliminating the need for individual syndications and special purpose vehicles (SPVs). 
The quick rise in popularity is largely in part to the company’s leading differentiator, its customizable fund. This new type of fund enables capital raisers to offer its investors the best qualities of syndications within the simplified operational structure of a fund. 
“We are overwhelmed with gratitude to our early customers. These fund managers are forward thinking and pushing the envelope beyond the status quo for their investors,” said Avestor’s co-founder and CEO, Sanjay Vora. “Their feedback and attention to detail has been invaluable as we continue to optimize and expand our platform to best serve their needs and the needs of their investors.”
Funds on the platform showcase a wide range of investment opportunities across asset classes, including single-family homes, short-term rentals, senior living, student housing, multi-family, self-storage, startups and more. The platform enables managers to offer both debt and equity offerings within the same fund. 
“Syndications and funds have stayed the same for decades. Having been in the shoes of both passive investors and fund managers, we were looking for a solution that provided flexibility and transparency to managers and investors,” said Avestor’s co-founder, Badri Malynur. “We couldn’t find it, so we created it.”
With Avestor’s customizable fund, fund managers are able to:
With customizable funds on Avestor’s platform, investors are able to:
“When we were sponsoring traditional syndications, our growth was limited because we couldn’t deploy capital once a deal closed. We opened our first fund on Avestor to take advantage of the $1 million in soft commitments that was left over from a previous fundraise, and it gave us the flexibility to sponsor more deals and continue taking on investors 365 days a year,” said Nine Doors Down fund manager, Jon Lopez. 
Every day, more and more syndicators and capital raisers are understanding how a customizable fund can accelerate their capital raising, reduce their costs and transform their businesses. Interested capital raisers can book a demo today. 
Source: Avestor Inc.