Startup Creates Immersive AR App for Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons gamers will soon have a new tool to enhance their game playing experience following announcements by Augmented Gaming Reality company – Foundry Six, of its plans to launch an AR immersive gaming app in 2022.
The company has turned to Kickstarter to fund the creation of AREALM – an immersive augmented reality tabletop RPG gaming tool designed to immerse players in their DnD worlds. This standalone software game is available to Mac and Windows, and can be played online through all video chat platforms (Zoom, Google Meet, Discord). AREALM allows players to enhance their gameplay experience with dynamic features such as: virtual cosplay, interactive and customizable backgrounds, animated monsters, immersive synced CG worlds and animated dice sets.
Touted as The Key to Enhancing TTRPG Adventures, AREALM redefines the immersive gaming experience with live updates of backgrounds as players move through the world and as the monsters appear. This impressive feature gives players the feeling as if they are a character in a movie.
But that’s not all. Aside from giving players the ability to immerse themselves in their TTRPG experience, AREALM gives Dungeon Masters the power to control a narrative with its exclusive DM tools. These tools can control everything from music to 3D monsters and map flythroughs.
In the run up to the launch of the Kickstarter campaign, avid DnD gamers were invited to test the Beta version of AREALM. The response was overwhelming. One Dungeon Master, Richard M., summed up the overall appeal of the immersive gaming tool. He said: “AREALM is awesomely immersive and far beyond my expectations. When I first signed up, I was expecting to benefit from the dice roller and have the skins and backgrounds as extra gimmicks. The player adjustable sound is hugely impressive. This is something that’s missing from video platform based gaming. But the part of ARealm that excites me the most is the 3D map. Following the first adventure I ran over ARealm, there was a definite feel of returning to the normal world when it was switched off.”
Antony Tran, Max Woon, Jon Wong, Christopher Johnson and Kenneth To are the masterminds behind AREALM. They are also the Founders of Foundry Six. Together, they boast an impressive track record of creating popular AR games that have been played over 300 million times. This team is also the official creators of Snap Lens. They also make up part of Facebook’s Spark AR Partner Network, as well as the inaugural Techstars Korea cohort.
When asked to share the motivation for creating AREALM, CEO of Foundry Six, Antony Tran, explained: “We created this product to help online Dungeons and Dragons players connect through immersive technology. Nothing will completely replace playing in person, but when we have to play online, it should be as cool as possible.”
Foundry Six will use the funds generated from the Kickstarter campaign to create race costumes, extra 3D maps, new environments and a game scheduling tool. If the campaign goal is achieved, the company plans to release the software in the first quarter of 2022. Anyone can back the campaign with any amount, however, a donation of $30 or more will be rewarded with a one-year subscription and unlocking of all stretch goals.
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