SSOGEN Assists Adams County, CO, USA Government Meet the Challenge of Increasing SSO Implementation

SSOGEN Corporation, a Gold level member of Oracle Partner Network, today announced it implemented an SSO security upgrade solution to assist a large metropolitan county government to solve a network access security requirement to upgrade its SSO access capabilities.
Adams County (ADCO), Colorado, USA wanted to upgrade its SSO capabilities and chose SSOgen NextGen SSO solution. SSOgen stepped in, assessed ADCO SSO security requirements, SSO use case and tailored an SSO network solution to meet ADCO’s future security needs. ADCO was looking for a product to allow SSO via SAML for JD Edwards 9.2 (JDE). Specifically, ADCO wanted JDE to integrate directly with Microsoft ADFS. 
Proof of Concept Trial (PoC)
ADCO first heard about SSOGEN through a JDE user conference that a colleague attended. After a receipt of ADCO’s online inquiry, SSOgen set up a 30-day, free-of-charge, Proof of Concept (PoC) trial. This allowed ADCO to properly evaluate SSOgen Single Sign-on solutions for its JDE/Microsoft ADFS SSO integration. After a successful PoC trial that was set up in less than a couple of hours, ADCO made the decision to implement SSOgen Gateway solution. ADCO was extremely pleased with the performance of SSOgen, the high uptime level it was experiencing and the affordable pay-as-they-go service fee. 
Brian B Dobbins, Applications Manager, Information Technology and Innovation, stated, “ADCO was looking for an SSO solution that was competitively priced, easy to install with strong and responsive support services. The PoC was set up on a handshake without a contract in place.”
Brian went on to say, “On a personal note, I’m very excited about this solution. It’s exactly what we were looking for and the price point is spot on. It’s going to have a tremendous impact not only on our 2200 users but the IT staff who is having to support two sets of credentials for these users. Your staff has been extremely helpful in helping us take this for a test drive and I am looking forward to a great partnership moving forward.”
With the increase in cyber-attacks during COVID-19, new vulnerabilities were being exploited by internet-exposed RDP servers. SSOgen has been at the forefront of addressing these attacks in providing companies with SSO solutions that shore up these vulnerabilities that have been exposed while increasing user productivity.
Go Live Production Migration
ADCO was successful in migrating to a live production environment with the assistance of the SSOGEN support team. “Just wanted to keep you apprised, our upgrade was successful this weekend and our integration to SSOGEN is working as designed. Thanks again for offering your support during the go live. The integration is working exactly as planned and I certainly cannot perceive any performance degradation now that the entire county is using the system. Last week timecards were due. That is our busiest time of the month with every employee hitting the system and everything went smoothly. We’ve received a lot of positive feedback on the change. I knew it would be a hit!”
Final Comments
“Our overall experience with SSOGEN has been excellent, you had an excellent product that has been very stable and not needing any support since going live 6 months ago. Password reset requests have been reduced by 80%. Without a doubt, we would recommend SSOGEN to other companies looking for NextGen affordable SSO solutions.  Our experience has been very positive, price point was excellent and we have received above expectation value.”
Source: SSOGEN Corporation