SSI provides IoT-based solutions for veterinary healthcare data analysis

Thane-based SSI (Smart Sight Innovations) has recently provided IoT veterinary healthcare data processing solution to one of its clients in the US.

Like humans, there are wearables for pets as well. GPS enabled wearables for pets are highly appreciated by pet owners as these gadgets help in tracking the location of pets. Now, the IoT technology has taken these pet wearables to the next level. The IoT industry has developed several solutions that help in tracking data about four-legged friends. By 2025, the market for pet wearables is set to reach the $3.5 billion mark.

“Biometric data retrieved from tracking devices and wearables installed on pets can help in highlighting the animal’s health conditions. The data can help in studying respiratory rhythm, eating habits, behavioral changes, sleeping patterns, and other health-related signs. Thanks to advanced sensors, vets can even get access to real-time data for the pet’s heart rate, body temperature, physiological parameters, as well as the temperature for the pet’s surroundings. The gadgets can remain connected to the IoT network using Wi-Fi or cellular data. Getting back to SSI’s platform developed for the American client, the system supports aggregation of health data from various sources, integrates with other systems, and provides a high level of data security. The platform is future-centric. PostgreSQL database management system and Laravel framework are the crucial elements in the software. SSI’s IoT solution helps in applying algorithms and analyzing potentially useful patterns hidden in the data. The information obtained from the analysis is used for conducting medical research,” said the executive from SSI while sharing the platform details during a teleconference. The firm’s name and technical details were not disclosed to the non-disclosure agreement signed by the IoT App Development Company with its client. The US-based client is a pharmaceutical company that also provides veterinary diagnostic services.

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