SqwaQ Invites M&A Meetings Seeking Partner Opportunity

SqwaQ, a pioneer in communications technology for Industrial IoT and mobile robotics, revealed today that it is inviting and exploring mergers and acquisitions opportunitiades. The company seeks acquisition by a major stakeholder serving mobile Industrial IoT or robotics technology for autonomous vehicles.
The company has field proven its proprietary, multi-redundant communications technology with multiple large companies including drones/UAS, ground logistics robots, and autonomous vehicles serving agriculture, OTR trucking and construction. The SqwaQbox is the only carrier approved ALO (Airborne LTE Operations) communications modem in the world and enables drones to fly unlimited range while providing the remote pilot with an in-the-cockpit experience. That level of redundancy and reliability is also important to ground based robotic vehicles as well.
“We found that hundreds of companies rushed into autonomous vehicles and mobile robotics without considering data security, connection redundancy or link reliability, which are all critical to these operations. SqwaQ positioned to be the “Intel Inside” for Industrial IoT and robotics customers. We’re not limited to one network like Vodafone or Verizon. Our modems move data across all cellular networks and towers simultaneously. We’re doing today what 5G still will not achieve in 5 years,” said Ted Lindsley, CEO
SqwaQ is also the MVNO data provider for its customers and can provision custom cellular services on over 600 networks across 130 countries. This provides continent-wide, carrier-agnostic cellular coverage across all available networks simultaneously so the customer is not restricted to one carrier’s towers. In the USA, SqwaQ’s comms modules talk to all U.S. carriers simultaneously, bonding up to twelve individual connections into one large, redundant data pipe, even from different networks. In Europe, 28 simultaneous cellular networks are combined, maximizing data throughput and coverage.
Confidential inquiries can be directed to the CEO, Ted.Lindsley@SqwaQ.com
About SqwaQ
SqwaQ is a pioneering SD-WAN and MVNO service provider focused on high-value mobile, Industrial IoT and robotic applications that demand reliable multi-redundant connectivity for mission safety. Verticals include aviation, telemedicine, ground robotics and autonomous vehicles across multiple industry segments, oil and gas, and commercial construction. Learn more at http://www.sqwaq.com.
Source: SqwaQ