SpringSociety Publishing to Release Political Sci-Fi Entitled ‘Tim Horton Is My President’

Looking to add a new flavor to the political conversation, SpringSociety Publishing will be releasing a new book of short stories, entitled “Tim Horton Is My President”. 

This book will be a collection of political and technology-based sci-fi shorts written by Canadian author Wentworth MacGregston.
The main recurring theme is a fictional narrative in which a 1960s Lyndon B. Johnson is confronted with an alien interaction which causes him to rethink race relations in America.
The premise of these stories is derived from a uniquely Canadian point of view and is hoping to release short narratives that help promote technology and politics from the Canadian perspective.

The subtitle of the book which is “my collection of short stories while exiled in Canada during the pandemic” is perhaps most reflective of the views of the author and the timeliness of such a work.
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Public Relations Editor – Carly Reisen
Source: SpringSociety.com Publishing