SpotnEats Launches JustEat Clone App to Double the Food Ordering Business Profit

Happy news for new and existing entrepreneurs here! SpotnEats now recently launched the multi-featured JustEat clone script for an efficient food ordering system to boost up the restaurant sales and profit easily. JustEat clone script is a new upgrade from SpotnEats to improve the convenience with a simple business model to increase the revenue day by day.

SpotnEats JustEat clone app is a highly scalable and rich quality clone script for a reliable food ordering system. Most of the restaurant owners suffer to manage their orders and sales in peak hours. This may lead to loss of revenue and gaining back the position will be the toughest task. To uplift the sales and manage the entire restaurant ordering process app like JustEat will be very useful for the restaurant owners.

We simplify the restaurant management system easier with JustEat clone app enriched features. Our JustEat clone script includes feature options like custom profile creation, menu building, multi-store management, table booking option, web-ordering analysis, notification pickup, report analysis, and automated food inventory remainder. These features help the restaurant owners to manage their venture seamlessly and build a good relationship with potential customers.

SpotnEats is one of the popular pre-developed food ordering and delivery app solutions in today’s market. With the deep survey on the current market analysis, we developed the JustEat clone app with flexible features and tech stacks to enhance the service quality even better than before in this post-pandemic. SpotnEats act as a friendly app solution for new firms to launch and manage their on-demand food ordering and delivery service smoothly. Since our JustEat is customer-centric, gathering people’s attention has made it simple.

“Managing restaurants is not an easy task and reaching out to the customer’s expectations is the toughest thing for every entrepreneur. But these things have to be done timely to attain business goals and profit. To make this hard time easier, we develop the digital platform for the restaurant owners to manage and build their relationship with customers shortly” Said, Spokesperson, SpotnEats. “We are always happy to lend our hands to the ardent entrepreneurs and elevate their business to the next level in this competitive market with our JustEat clone script.”

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Striking key-features in JustEat clone:

The on-demand food delivery industry is one of the high revenue gained online platforms in the market. This brought many more players in this business model, making the service unique will help the new player to withstand among the top players. To stand out in this competitive market, we integrated the following feature options.

Table reservation option – Let the customers book the tables without visiting the restaurant and customize their bookings in-app itself directly.
Quick order analysis – Restaurant owners can quickly analyze the order in detail. It helps the restaurant owners to check their customer’s expectations.
Inventory management – Allows restaurant owners to track the inventory in real-time, either the placed order is prepared and packed or out of stock.
Multi-store management – This is for the vendor who manages multi-store restaurants. They can access their entire multi-restaurant in a single app interface.

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