Sporting Smiles Combines Innovative 3D Scanning With Lifetime Offer

Sporting Smiles, the leader of the online dental production industry is offering customers an opportunity of a lifetime. Customers can now keep their dental impressions on file for life using digital technology and 3D scanning. Offered to repeat customers, the digital impressions are now available for $20. With digitally scanned impressions, product-to-consumer turnaround will be cut by 50%.
Digital impressions will be cryptically protected and uploaded locally and digitally in a cloud service. Local units will be stored in fireproof protection ensuring that customer impressions are preserved. Customers will be able to reorder at any time with the digital molds.
“This is a convenient addition to returning customers who have trusted Sporting Smiles over the years. We are building lifelong relationships with customers, and the 3D digital impressions reflect that.” – Evan McCarthy, CEO of Sporting Smiles.
A digital impression allows customers to order teeth retainers, night guards, athletic mouth guards, and custom teeth-whitening trays. A yearly reorder deadline was previously implemented to keep active impressions in the warehouse. The 3D scanned impressions will negate the need to reorder within a year of the initial purchase.
“This is something that our customers have been hoping for. The value and peace of mind in knowing your impressions are available 24/7 is worth it. We feel that this was the next step in keeping Sporting Smiles as the leader of the online retainer industry.” – Seth Newman, Marketing Director of Sporting Smiles.
Since 2009, Sporting Smiles has served over one million people across the United States and Canada. Providing custom teeth retainers, night guards, athletic mouth guards, and teeth-whitening trays, Sporting Smiles’ patented impression kit launched the company into the forefront of D.I.Y. online dental products.
Source: Sporting Smiles