Spekit Launches the Fastest, Smartest Walkthrough Functionality in the Industry to Streamline Onboarding and Drive Digital Adoption

Today, Spekit, the leading digital enablement platform, announced the launch of their newest feature, Flows, designed to streamline onboarding and drive adoption by guiding employees through new tools and processes with step-by-step walkthroughs that reinforce crucial knowledge, right where employees are working.
Over the last year, Spekit welcomed customers including Uber, Southwest Airlines, Outreach.io, Farm Credit Services, Databricks and more as teams across industries began recognizing the need for a comprehensive platform that empowers teams with the knowledge, training and resources they need to be successful in their roles, from anywhere.
“Over the last decade, we’ve learned a lot about what digital adoption truly means. We’ve found that adoption isn’t actually the goal. Instead, adoption is the result of what naturally occurs when you make it effortless for employees to master the tools and processes required to be successful,” said Spekit CEO and Co-founder, Melanie Fellay. “During onboarding, you could support this with walkthroughs to help new employees learn how to navigate an application or process. But after onboarding, it’s essential to empower employees with the answers they need at their fingertips, right where they’re working. The reinforcement of crucial knowledge, from sales playbooks and policies to training and procedures, is what drives retention and retention leads to tool adoption and more productive employees. We call this, Digital Enablement.” 
The average team uses more than a dozen tools in their day-to-day operations. Learning how to navigate these tools, each customized to their unique businesses, as well as the ever-changing processes within them is a basic necessity for employees to be successful in their roles. Yet, traditional methods of training such as LMS platforms and PowerPoint presentations have proven ineffective for tool and process training with less than a 50% retention rate.
In designing Flows, the Spekit product team spent three years researching every walkthrough platform on the market. “Existing solutions required significant coding and technical expertise just to create a walkthrough. It could take anywhere from days to weeks to build a single flow. With businesses evolving so rapidly, these walkthroughs then break with every new process or UI change, requiring additional time and effort to maintain,” said Zari Zahra, Spekit CPO and Co-founder. “To keep up with today’s fast-paced work environments, we knew we needed to build a solution that would allow anyone in the organization to easily create, maintain and scale walkthroughs without dedicating hours or needing an engineering degree.”
To combat these challenges, Spekit’s Flows are the only walkthroughs on the market designed with auto-capture functionality. The “Smart” Flow creation, allows anyone to create walkthroughs in minutes, not weeks. Simply click through the process and Spekit automatically captures the flow for you. This zero-code method streamlines the creation and maintenance of Flows, allowing learning leaders to focus more time and energy on the personalized coaching and mentoring aspects of training that drive performance.
MarketStar, a fast-growing sales outsourcing company, recently turned to Spekit to reduce the time it takes to onboard new employees, support change communication and drive the productivity of their growing remote teams.
“There is a digital transformation that has been ongoing in sales and, being at the forefront of that, we needed to reconfigure how we onboard, train and scale our sales professionals,” said Keith Titus, President and CEO at MarketStar. “Spekit supports this transformation and amplifies the success of our employees throughout every stage of their learning journey. A key value at MarketStar is we are a ‘Master of Our Craft.’ Spekit helps each individual further their own path to mastery with an all-in-one enablement, adoption and change management solution. It helps them learn and retain knowledge, and makes them better at what they do, which is creating growth for themselves and for our clients.”
Learn more about Spekit’s Flows and how leading companies are embracing digital enablement to empower their teams at www.spekit.co.
Source: Spekit