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products2u.co.uk *** Your Cash Awaits *** ” FIXED INCOME OPPORTUNITY from Rs. 4000 (80$) to Rs. 40000 (800$) per month” Once you register, you have access to the Survey Panelist Training Package which you have to complete. Every Wednesday you receive minimum TWO ONLINE SURVEYS, which you have to fill (takes 20min per survey). All correctly filled up surveys earn you Rs 500 — thus Rs 1000 per week — thus Rs 4000 per month (MINIMUM). VARIABLE OR BUSINESS INCOME : — You can earn more by referring this EARNING OPPORTUNITY to your friends, relatives so that they also get benefited and you will get paid for getting them enrolled with the company, thus increasing company’s customer base. For each panel referred by you, you get Rs. 1000.00 ($20) SURVEY BONUS INCOME : — Whenever, Each person referred by you completes his/her successful surveys makes you get Rs.600 (12$) Per Month. This Additional to your own Income. Add Sub panel to Maximize your FIXED INCOME: — You can increase your income by filling more survey. For this you can add up to 9 sub panels at a discounted subscription rate of Rs. 10000 ($200) per sub panel with your mail panel. (Total Subscription amount for 10 panels Rs. 1, 01000/- ($2020). Then you will get up to 20 surveys (2 surveys per panel) weekly to fill up you have to work daily 1 hour (or you can work single day in a week for 7 hours and fill- up all 20 surveys) and you will be paid Rs. 10000 ($200) every week for 52 weeks (Total income in a year = Rs

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