Southern California Companies Are Securing Press Coverage With Newswire’s Guaranteed Media Placements

Earned media coverage can help small businesses stand out from their competition, build brand awareness, attract website traffic, generate leads, and increase sales. 
But, how does a company go about securing these features? For businesses that work with Newswire, the answer is simple … Guaranteed Media Placements. 
As an industry leader in press release distribution, Newswire has created its Guaranteed Media Placements program to help small and midsize companies earn valuable media mentions that will transform their business and put them in a position for long-term success. 
Newswire’s Guaranteed Media Placements help small businesses amplify their reach by guaranteeing 10,000 impressions, links to their content on valuable media sites, promotion of their content through ads on media and section homepages, and more. 
In addition to helping its clients land coverage in top-tier publications such as Business Insider, Cheddar, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, People, and more, Newswire continues to help small and midsize companies secure local media mentions too. 
For Southern California companies, Newswire is guaranteeing media placements in publications such as the Los Angeles Daily News, Long Beach Press-Telegram, and The San Bernardino Sun, to name a few.
“Our Guaranteed Media Placements program is giving small businesses a chance to stand out in a crowded, non-stop news cycle,” said Charlie Terenzio, CMO and SVP of Media and Marketing Communications at Newswire. “We’re helping our clients in Southern California stay in front of their target audience, build relationships, and create a framework that’ll lead to long-term success.”
Local media placements are beneficial for a number of reasons including:
From enriched press release distribution networks to a robust SaaS platform that collects valuable campaign data, and access to its team of Media and Marketing experts, Newswire’s Media Advantage Plan clients are gaining a competitive edge over their competition with each passing day. 
If you own a Southern California-based company and want local press coverage in popular publications, act now and get a free Media and Marketing assessment and 10% off your next press release.
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Newswire delivers its best-in-class technology as a service to provide high-impact press release distribution, empowering the Media Advantage: greater brand awareness through earned media, increased traffic, greater search engine recognition, more leads, and increased sales.
Newswire is the only one in the industry that provides the Media Advantage Plan “MAP” that provides press release campaign automation that delivers press releases, media outreach and targeted commercial marketing to provide customers the going-to-market advantage required to compete for the mindshare and market share needed to accelerate sales. The “MAP” provides Newswire experts that customize a media and marketing communications plan and platform that ensures timely campaign production and in a cost-effective manner that produces more value.
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