Souperior Soup Partners With Momma Cuisine to Bring Authentic Asian Flavors to Homes Across the US

Souperior Soup and Momma Cuisine have teamed up to launch a soup sachet that brews a hassle-free, one-of-a-kind soup stock (dashi) in as little as 20 minutes.
Momma Cuisine Dashi Sachets contain a unique blend of dried skipjack tuna, anchovy, shiitake mushroom, and kelp. Prices start at $2.25/sachet and each sachet can brew 2 servings (3 cups) of dashi.
Dashi is traditionally used in Japanese daily cooking and gives Japanese food like Udon, Soba and Ramen its unique, umami-packed flavor. This versatile soup stock can also be used in place of meat-based soup stocks to add a unique umami flavor to other Asian dishes like stir-fry.
“I always have some dashi in the fridge and my favorite thing to do is cook instant ramen with dashi instead of water. Try it and you’ll never go back.”- Ray Cheng, Founder, Souperior Soup
National cooking personality and host, Johanna Marie has been captivating audiences with Momma Cuisine since 2009. The brand’s mission is to simply get families across America making Great Everyday Meals simply, affordably and elegantly. Momma Cuisine’s vision is to connect with their targeted consumer base of busy moms by providing exclusive access to the best of what brands can offer.
Souperior Soup’s mission is to make authentic Asian flavors fun and accessible to everyone.
Souperior Soup and Momma Cuisine share a similar mission and aim to introduce authentic dashi to homes across the country. 
Source: Souperior Soup