Soulpage Shortlisted By Govt. of India To Build Zoom Alternative Application

Data Science startup, Soulpage IT Solutions, is among the top 10 companies shortlisted by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEIT), Government of India, in the first round to develop a made-in-India video conferencing solution.

“ It’s a matter of great pride for us, to be shortlisted, to build the first made-in-India video communication solution. There has been a growing concern about user privacy, security, and trust in some of the existing video solutions. As an IT superpower, there’s a high expectation in the country to build world-class tech solutions. Government programs like this will encourage startups like us to build innovative solutions at par with global standards” says Murali Karuturi, CEO, Soulpage IT.

The idea is to build an intuitive and secure video conferencing solution that is custom-tailored for Indian conditions and is very adaptive using AI. Libero – Our VC solution can accommodate 300 people in a single conference at this point of time and our plan is to scale it to 1000 people in the future.

Pushya Mitra, COO, and Vamsi Kurama, CTO are leading this project under the guidance of Ramesh Damma, Co-founder of Soulpage IT Solutions.

The company is expected to develop a prototype for the solution and has been given a grant of Rs 5 lakh. In the second round, 3 companies will be shortlisted to build a complete solution and the winning solution will be deployed in central and state government entities across the country.