Soteria Project Received a Grant From Solana Foundation

Coderrect Inc. is honored to announce its Soteria Project received a grant from the Solana Foundation, joining a list of selective projects. The grant will support the development of a security analysis software platform for Solana programs. Soteria team will continue to build tools and services for developers and builders in Solana Ecosystem to tackle security challenges. 
Jeff Huang, Co-founder of Coderrect Inc. stated, “In the race towards Web3, security is a grand challenge. We are excited to join forces with Solana to create a decentralized future that is secure.”
About Soteria Project: Incorporating advanced program analysis technology, Soteria Project is developing a software platform that can transform blockchain software into a form that enables analysis and verification, and then conduct comprehensive analyses to discover defects and security issues. Further equipped with sophisticated penetration tests and focused code reviews by security experts, Soteria provides security audit services and aims to make securing projects such as Defi, crypto, and smart contracts, as easy as possible. For more information visit:
About Coderrect Inc.: Coderrect develops capabilities to use software to analyze software, which have exciting application prospects in software security, software development, and performance optimization. Coderrect has received fundings from top organizations and is working with customers and collaborators including Fortune 500 companies. For more information, visit:
About Solana Foundation: The Solana Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the decentralization, growth, and security of the Solana network. For more information visit:
Source: Coderrect Inc.