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Fort Myers, Florida, SOS Accident has just released the new website. The SOS Accident website is user-friendly and will allow clients to contact the SOS Accident staff to get support in the unfortunate event of a car, truck, work, slip and fall, or motorcycle injury. The website provides an overview of all offered services, regular blog posts, articles, and other useful information. With new technologies, SOS Accident delivers 24/7 text messaging, as well as tap-to-call cell phone calling.
Through an experienced team of web developers, SOS Accident has incorporated the ever-growing world of technology into an established industry, making it more interactive. Those in need of legal assistance will be supported by staff with a quick response time, 24/7. This website strives to make a difficult and confusing process more accessible because people in a tough situation should not be disheartened or intimidated in the search for legal representation. The SOS Accident website offers client care that goes beyond a sales pitch; it is a service dedicated to meeting the needs of people that have been injured. 
This website aims to be a tool to support those struggling with the aftermath of a serious accident, offering a one-stop-shop of trustworthy and diversified aid to a wider range of personal injury victims. Staff can be hired to help with medical bill review, police report review, and insurance and coverage verification. This means clients can get help negotiating their bills or advice on the potential costs of medical procedures. Help with finding car rentals and getting car repairs is also offered. An all-encompassing service, will take away the added stress of legal matters following an injury.
The SOS Accident website is adapted to provide accessibility to all users. A widget on the bottom left-hand corner of the screen is there to help with website navigation issues. The contrast can be adjusted for those with light sensitivity issues. Also, links can be highlighted on a page, helping people who are colorblind and cannot distinguish them from regular text. Text can be made bigger, tool tips can be made larger, and line spacing can be increased for those with poor eyesight or visual processing problems. Additionally, there is an option to enlarge the cursor and there is a reading guide. There is a feature that pauses animations to accommodate those sensitive to the movement and color of moving visuals. Additionally, there is a feature that changes the font to aid dyslexic people in reading the website.
About SOS Accident
From the initial stages of a free consultation to the lawyer-client partnership, SOS Accident handles each case with compassion and exemplary legal guidance. SOS Accident represents the culmination of lawyers and other support staff, each of whom possesses a dedication for helping personal injury victims.Visit
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