Sonar Launches Salesforce Data Dictionary to Fill Data Classification Gaps for Security & Compliance Audits

Sonar, the leading Change Intelligence software platform, announced the launch of their dynamic Data Dictionary, empowering organizations to eliminate documentation gaps in their compliance and governance programs.  
With customer data only increasing (200zb will be stored globally by 2025), it’s more important than ever for organizations to have a clear map and real-time understanding of their Salesforce architecture. Leading organizations rely on Data Dictionaries as a critical component for building data classification programs required for adhering to many security and compliance frameworks; however, with significant manual upkeep required, many Ops teams are forced to deprioritize this initiative, often leaving gaps within their compliance and governance programs. 
“Documentation is a huge pain point we’ve heard from our customers – and the industry – for a while now. Since Data Dictionaries today are primarily created and managed in Excel, it’s nearly impossible to keep them up-to-date,” said CEO & Co-Founder Brad Smith. “We’ve found that it can take up to 50% of a full-time employee’s workload just to manage this initiative. That’s precious time that can be better leveraged on more strategic work.” 
When done right, Data Dictionaries can provide big benefits for high-growth companies, allowing them to foster improved data integrity, reduce the risk of data leakage and ensure consistency in data usage across departments and subsidiaries. As an outcome, businesses are able to become more agile in their decision-making by leveraging reliable data.
Sonar’s dynamic Data Dictionary simplifies how customers tackle this need, automatically capturing Salesforce changes, streamlining how they define, apply context and ownership, and ultimately communicate across teams. With real-time updates being tracked across their Salesforce metadata and with the ability to embed, export and even set up APIs, Sonar removes the manual overhead required to categorize and disseminate Salesforce data. 
“With the right Data Dictionary, organizations can ensure compliance across their data governance programs, break down data silos across the organization and safeguard their Salesforce data,” said CPO & Co-Founder Jack McGlinchey. “Many customers know they should be doing this, but have never had a resource like Sonar to remove the manual overhead and provide a dynamic option that supports their compliance efforts.”
Aligned closely with Salesforce’s 2023 security, privacy and identity roadmap, Sonar’s dynamic Data Dictionary removes the burden of manual updates for Salesforce data controllers and streamlines how enterprises document entry points of PII as well as other confidential business data being added to their CRM every day.
Learn more about Sonar’s Data Dictionary. 
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