SOMAVAC® Medical Granted US Patent

SOMAVAC® Medical Solutions, Inc. announces the granting of US Patent (11,078,898), covering its SOMAVAC® SVS Smart Suction Technology and surgical drain management platform. The SOMAVAC® SVS is the ONLY smart surgical drain pump cleared by the FDA to prevent seromas in plastic and general surgery. Most commonly used for mastectomies, breast reconstructions, hernia repairs, tummy tucks and complex orthopaedic procedures, the SOMAVAC® SVS applies continuous suction to surgical drains for effective removal of fluids and may reduce the risk of seromas or hematomas. Seromas/hematomas can lead to complications like infection, delayed wound healing and revision surgery.  
Each year since 1970, millions of patients have been discharged with manual JP bulbs and accordion-style suction devices. These manual devices are inconsistent in applying suction and ineffective at removing fluid, leading to stagnation, fluid build-up and backflow issues. Approximately 20% of these patients experience complications requiring painful and expensive interventions costing an estimated $6B to U.S. healthcare. Hence, the need for SOMAVAC® SVS smart continuous suction and one-way valve that minimizes stagnation, fluid build-up and backflow.
“The SOMAVAC® SVS is especially critical for our most vulnerable patients with breast and other cancer surgeries. If a cancer patient develops a complicated seroma and an infection, it can delay other life-saving treatments and result in a poor outcome,” said Esra Roan, PhD, Co-founder and CEO of SOMAVAC® Medical. 
The longer the surgical drains and bulbs remain in place, the higher the risk of infection becomes for the patient. For patients with a mastectomy and immediate breast reconstruction with tissue expanders, the risk of infection increases to almost 25%, indicating one in four patients will get an infection after three weeks with drains*. SOMAVAC® SVS delivers robust suction that has been shown to shorten time with drains*.
The SOMAVAC® SVS can be discretely worn under clothing and can help patients return to normal activities while recovering. “SOMAVAC® SVS has really filled a void in drain technology. Their thoughtful approach to continuous, reliable suction will revolutionize post-operative drain management and lead to improvements in surgical outcomes,” said Mark Brzesienski, MD, Chairman of Plastic Surgery at UTHSC, Chattanooga, TN.     
“This patent anchors our intellectual property portfolio. I am grateful to our outstanding team members and service providers for diligently pursuing this patent,” said Josh Herwig, co-founder and CTO of SOMAVAC® Medical.
“This is only the beginning. Our patent gives our team the latitude to advance our technology and pursue innovative solutions that will further enhance the clinical outcomes and improve the recovery experience,” said Esra Roan.  
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Indications: The SOMAVAC® SVS indicated for use in large surgical flaps in plastic and general surgery. Prescription only.
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Source: SOMAVAC Medical Solutions, Inc.