Solv IC Market Smart Contract Launches on the Ethereum Mainnet

Solv Finance, decentralized finance innovators who are revolutionizing the use of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), officially launched the Solv IC Market on the Ethereum mainnet. The Solv IC Market utilizes the vNFT token standard to create a transparent transfer of tokens to investors for high-quality blockchain projects. The vNFT token is originally designed and created by the Solv team, and acts as a semi-fungible asset bringing the best of both the ERC-721 token and then ERC-20 token. This “versatile” NFT token allows holders to access the fungibility aspects of unique information, while being able to be split up and combined like ERC-20.
Building upon that, an investment certificate (IC) is used to represent a contract between investors and the project founders in the form of a vNFT. The number of tokens, date, and the rate that tokens are distributed are stored inside a Solv Investment Certificate. This represents a certification of authenticity for anyone holding it, and is redeemable for transactions on the Solv IC Market through a series of smart contracts. Axia8 Ventures, IOSG, Spartan Group, Hashed, Krypital Group, GBV, Maple Leaf Capital and other strategic investors in Solv have officially received their allocations through Solv’s very own IC technology.
More than ten key DeFi projects will issue ICs on the Solv platform in the upcoming weeks. The Solv IC Market, a one-stop solution for customizable, transparent, and trustworthy portion issuance and transactions, will be broadly available for all projects in May.
The Solv team’s pioneering smart contract technology was fully audited by SlowMist and has been optimized accordingly. 
About SOLV
Solv Finance is a pioneer in the decentralized finance space with the design and creation of versatile NFT’s, known as vNFT’s. Combined with an innovative market place, Solv Finance allows users to access liquidity by selling their vNFT’s with its non-fungibility factor while being able to be split up or combined into different baskets of assets. The first vNFT created by Solv is the Investment Certificate (IC), and is available today at
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