Solavei Review – CASHING OUT WITH THE SOLAVEI COMPENSATION PLAN -Solavei Review – CASHING OUT WITH SOLEVEI COMPENSATION PLAN Solavei is definitely not a SCAM! Solavei is a legitimate home based business the operates as a social commerce network. Chances are, if you’re reading this Solavei review then you are probably looking into the company and doing your due diligence before you make a decision. Well congrats on that, because most people won’t do their research and end up getting really excited about an opportunity only to realize that making money is going to be much more difficult then they thought. Solavei is a legitimate direct selling and multi level marketing company marketing smart phones, combined with social discount networks. Yes, you can make a lot of money with the Solavei Compensation Plan, but that will ultimately come down to how badly you want it, your efforts, and your desires. In this Solavei Review, I want to be completely honest with you, you are going to need TRAFFIC and lots of it to maximize the Solavei Compensation Plan. The Solavei cell phone mobile unlimited program with $40 UNLIMITED talk, text and date on the T-Mobile network is great but not enough for you to achieve financial freedom if only shared with a few friends and family. If you want to succeed with this company, you will need to become a leader. This does not mean that you have to accomplish anything in your business or hit a certain rank, no. Today, this day, YOU must decide that you are going to be the leader that people

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