Solar Simplified’s Consumer Perceptions Report 2020 Uncovers Upfront Costs Are Biggest Roadblock to Solar Energy Adoption

Solar Simplified, a platform driving accessibility, transparency, and mainstream adoption of solar energy, today released the findings from their Consumer Perceptions of the Solar Industry Report 2020. 
In November 2020, U.S. consumers who owned homes, had energy bills over $300 per month on average, and did not have solar panels installed on their homes were surveyed to better understand what they think about solar energy, their experiences interacting with the industry, and to uncover opportunities to educate consumers.
Key Findings: 
“The insight that decreasing upfront costs would have the biggest impact on solar adoption and that just 20% of consumers are aware of shared solar programs was eye-opening,” said Aviv Shalgi, CEO of Solar Simplified. “This is where the industry’s educational challenges are prominent because with options like community solar, there are no upfront costs or need for solar panel installation. This presents a vast opportunity in the market for community solar programs to guide consumers on how they can benefit from solar energy.” 
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Source: Solar Simplified