Software Engineer at Solution Analysts becomes Associate Android Developer

Google’s Android OS evolves with time and keeps on bringing new features for app development. While enjoying the lion’s share in the world’s smartphone market, the Android platform has the highest number of apps in Google Play to download. Every year, the OS comes with new versions with innovative features, and Android app developers need to stay updated with these advancements to excel.

Since inception, Solution Analysts, a renowned enterprise software development company, has kept the tradition of remaining updated with the latest market trends and technological advancements. As a result, many of its software engineers have achieved certificates from Google and AWS in various technologies. The company has a strong workforce of over 200 dedicated professionals to build next-gen software for modern enterprises.

Recently, Sanket Vekariya, a Software Engineer at Solution Analysts, has achieved Google Certificate as an Associate Android Developer after successfully completed the Developers Certification Program requirements. Sanket has got this recognition along with his colleague Mr. Amit Prajapati. With this reputed certificate, Sanket has joined the group of several engineers at Solution Analysts who have already achieved this certificate.

While asking about this certification, Mr. Sanket elaborated about his role at Solution Analysts and his interests along with the motivational factor. In his words, “At Solution Analysts, we have an excellent work culture that motivates us to excel in our domain of expertise. As a software engineer, my role is to develop native and cross-platform mobile apps. I have hands-on experience in Kotlin, Java, and Flutter to develop enterprise-grade app solutions. Researching, designing, implementing, and managing the code in the best possible way to deliver a seamless product is all I have to do here. Additionally, I used to share and explore the knowledge and experience with fellow engineers.”

Sanket is also a good technical writer and he tends to share his experience through insightful blogs on a regular basis. Though cycling, badminton, and chess are his favorite pastimes, he is more interested in exploring Flutter, an emerging technology to build native-like mobile apps. When we asked him about the motivation behind achieving the Android Developer certificate, he expressed his thoughts in the following words.

“Since my engineering days, I believe in ‘If someone can do it, I can also do it.’ One of my teammates has earlier achieved this certificate, and it inspired me a lot. With the guidance and motivation from my seniors, I started preparing for this certificate, and today, I am happy to get certified as an Associate Android Developer from Google. I am now focusing on implementing the domain insights in the Android app solutions.” He concluded with a determining tone.

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