Software Company, Paperless Environments, Expands Services Through Acquisition of Greenlight Compliance Solutions

Paperless Environments, a Louisiana-based software company providing document management and workflow automation software, has acquired California-based Greenlight Compliance Solutions, a construction compliance software company specializing in digital risk management and compliance solutions.
Paperless Environments provides software solutions to the construction industry that increase efficiency and remove outdated workflows from all areas of operation. Their suite of software provides an enterprise-level repository for all company documents, automates accounts payable processing, digitizes project document routing and collaboration, gathers digital forms via mobile devices from the field, and much more.
Greenlight Compliance Solutions consolidates and automates compliance tracking workflows into one, simplified system. The software displays automated alerts as well as real-time status indications of lien waivers, insurance documents, and contractor licenses. The software also helps to easily manage certified payroll processes, making managing payroll for contractors, subcontractors, and any other outsourced labor a much simpler process.
“The construction industry is the number one industry we serve, so we’re extremely excited to have Greenlight’s software capabilities and industry expertise under the Paperless Environments umbrella,” said Seth Dawson, founder and CEO of Paperless Environments. “The Greenlight automation of compliance items greatly strengthens the range of solutions and process tracking capabilities that we are able to provide to our clients.”
The acquisition of Greenlight Compliance Solutions is one of several on the horizon for Paperless Environments and adds a new dimension to what Paperless Environments is able to offer to construction customers, further strengthening their position as a singular, turnkey solutions provider to the industry. The Paperless Environments team is working to integrate the technology acquired through Greenlight to create new product offerings that will immediately benefit their current and future customers.
Paperless Environments serves clients in all 50 states, as well as five countries across the globe, and the software company is looking forward to continued growth.
Seth Dawson, President and CEO, 225-218-4768
Source: Paperless Environments