Softrams Launches Advisory Board, Names Jason R. Weiss Inaugural Member

Softrams, a Small Business specializing in digital services that are built upon cloud, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity, today announced that it has launched an Advisory Board of government, industry, and technology veterans, naming Jason R. Weiss, former Chief Software Officer (CSO) of DoD, as the inaugural member. 
As the current digital landscape rapidly evolves and transforms, new opportunities and threats emerge daily. As a result, organizations need to be increasingly fluid and flexible in their approach to not just stay current but remain competitive by staying ahead of the curve. Softrams’ Advisory Board brings together the industry’s leading technology veterans to advise and support the organization’s executive staff on key initiatives of strategic growth and leadership. 
“The formation of the Advisory Board is a pivotal step that will bring strategic insights, guidance, and thought leadership to Softrams’ executive leadership and steer us in the right direction as we navigate to serve increasingly complex missions and ultimately all those who rely on these services,” said Atchut Kanthamani, CEO of Softrams. 
The Board’s inaugural member, Jason R. Weiss, whose prolific experience stems across three decades, is regarded as a dynamic trailblazer in spearheading efficient and effective technology best practices and championing organizational mission and goals. Jason’s expertise at the DoD was concerted on software modernization, developing achievable strategies, and fostering collaboration and communication.  
In addition to his tenure as CSO at DoD, he is also a cybersecurity expert and a prominent public speaker and author. 
“I look forward to being Softrams inaugural advisory board member,” said Jason. “I will apply my experience and specialized knowledge of cybersecurity and devsecops to facilitate this civic-minded organization on their journey forward. Together, we hope to affect positive change for both the federal agencies we partner with and the general public we strive to work for.” 
About Softrams: Softrams offers innovative technology implementations and builds customer-centric services that are simple, intuitive, and usable across multiple industries. By partnering with federal agencies to cut through archaic technologies and deliver modern solutions, Softrams utilizes a Human Centered Design (HCD) approach which is fueled by automation and artificial intelligence. 
Source: Softrams