Softline completed new hardware and software complex for a new datacenter at the Space Center

The company made a decision to replace its datacenter so it could properly handle the ever-increasing need in computing resources and a surge in information flows. Softline was awarded one of the contracts under this ambitious plan.

Softline engineers were responsible for the design and installation of the infrastructure for the new datacenter, including structured cabling systems, the network infrastructure, monitoring and video surveillance systems, automatic gas removal and fire extinction, ventilation and waterworks. Most of the infrastructure was based on products supplied by Huawei.

“The Softline team found this project challenging and exciting. It was essential to comply with rather strict requirements to the equipment from the client as well as with government regulations. We have successfully completed the project in just four months, and the client is currently dealing with planned migration to the new sites,” says Semyon Kondrashov, Softline Large Corporate Clients manager in the Volga Federal District.
“The construction of a new datacenter was one of the key projects for Progress last year. We are pleased with the Softline team, whose experts have demonstrated ample expertise and the ability to promptly address any work issues. As a result, we have received a new datacenter with a modern infrastructure. Its computing resources are more than sufficient not only for current projects but also for those planned for the coming 5 to 7 years,” adds Alexander Filatov, head of IT department at Progress.
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Softline is a leading global Information Technology solutions and services provider focused on emerging markets of Eastern Europe, Americas, and Asia. We help our customer achieve digital transformation and protect their business with cybersecurity technologies. Our services include end-to-end technology solutions, public and private clouds, software and hardware provisioning and broad array of associated services.

Softline’s 2019 turnover exceeded $1.54 Billion US dollars with sales growth 13.2% in the Group of Companies. Softline has offices in 50 countries and 95 cities worldwide. With more than 25 years of distinguished history we have managed to grow rapidly while consolidating technology expertise and a business model encompassing all emerging markets.

We serve over 60 000 Enterprise and SMB clients, both from private and public sectors. Over 1500 account managers, 1000 solution sales and technical presale professionals and 1000 engineers and technical specialists help our customers navigate through the ever-changing complex IT environment. We build long-term relationships with our clients, partners and employees.

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Valeriya Aver
Head of International Public Relations Department in Softline