Sodaology Announces Launch of AllFizz – Instant Sparkling Water & Seltzer Maker

Sodaology, a kitchen gadget innovator and drinks expert, just announced the launch of AllFizz a game-changing sparkling water and seltzer maker. This useful kitchen helper carbonates water in just three seconds to create delicious, healthy drinks without adding calories or sugar. Now, anyone can DIY custom flavored carbonated drinks at the touch of a button. AllFizz is available now for pre-order.
AllFizz is a sleek, compact, minimalist-designed kitchen tool for creating healthy sparkling water and seltzers right at home. It uses regular tap water or bottled water and carbonates it in just three seconds for a refreshing and fast fizz. Powered by food-grade standard CO2 cartridges, AllFizz is ultra-safe and reliable without the need for electricity or batteries. Just one CO2 cartridge makes up to 60 liters of carbonated beverage, saving money while minimizing single-serving container waste and protecting the planet.
“Flavored sparkling waters have become so popular these days because they add fizz and flavor to beverages so that people have a healthy alternative for staying hydrated. They have none of the sugar of sodas and quench thirst better. With AllFizz, we wanted to give anyone the ability to make their own sparkling water at home right from the tap, saving them time and money. But AllFizz does more than simply carbonate water, it gives users a tool for creating their own customized healthy drinks that add the perfect fizz to any beverage.” – CEO of Sodaology Inc., William Wu.
With AllFizz, users can create any number of refreshing drinks customized with the addition of fruits, flavors and mixes. The possibilities are endless, from water to juice and cocktails to soda, AllFizz instantly makes any drink extraordinary. AllFizz elevates old favorites to another level with freshness and fizz. This innovative beverage machine makes any drink delicious so that people can stay hydrated, healthy and enjoy the delight of natural fizz whenever they choose. 
AllFizz – Instant Sparkling Water & Seltzer Maker is available now with special pricing for early adopters. To learn more visit the campaign here:
In the future, you can also get more services by visiting for AllFizz.
Source: Sodaology