Sobha International City Lunched Two New Towers

Sobha International City Gurgaon
Shobha International City, a luxury row house, development of the Presidential Villa Duplex Villa, a scenic beauty spread over 150 acres, is located next to the 150 meter wide expressway, Sector 106, 108 and 109 Gurgaon. Designed by a world-renowned architect, this residential project is conceptualized to be environmentally responsive, incorporating key principles of organic waste converters, STPs, rainwater harvesting and groundwater recharge facilities.

The project has a standard of soothing roads, green gardens and excellent communication and living facilities. The villa has a special exterior design, where the exterior landscape is completely switched inwards, giving the homes an atmosphere of natural luxury. The floor plan has been cleverly designed to create spaces to go a great way of life.

In an era of electronic life and a world detained at your fingertips, discovering the right balance between the natural world and modernity, Sobha International City believes. With a first class equipped with natural surroundings, this residential project presents the best of both worlds. . The Premier Club House is spread over a lavish 2 acres with distinctive facilities and many dining options, it is very much an expression of philosophy.

In Sobha International City, every villa includes world class materials to create modern living spaces adjusted with nature. Every small detail has been seen by connoisseurs, from the switch before walking onto the villa in the very paint that sets the mood in any room. Sobha Developers believed in the power of excellence and left no stone unturned to ensure that you find the right balance of traditional and modern design with the highest quality.

About Sobha Developer
Sobha Developer believes in providing value to all its customers by building products and services that enhance the value of living. While real estate is their commerce, they judge themselves a service industry… and have to plan for their service life – your life. They aspire to craft places that allow you to focus on the things that are important to you – whether it’s building a business, raising a family, connecting with friends, or just Finding the time and place to follow your dreams.