SNAQ Launches their Diabetes Management App in the US and Adds Leading Experts to the Advisory Board

SNAQ has launched their diabetes management app in the US to help people living with diabetes take the guesswork out of mealtime decisions. The award winning app helps to count carbs, protein, and fat content of meals by snapping a photo and supports learning what keeps glucose levels in target range after meals. SNAQ connects to popular glucose sensors and diabetes apps from Dexcom, Abbott, Medtronic, mySugr, Sugarmate, Tidepool and more. “Today marks a milestone for us and we are really excited to launch SNAQ for diabetes in the United States,” says Aurelian Briner, CEO & Co-Founder of SNAQ.
Alongside the launch in the US, Anton Kittelberger (Co-Founder, former CEO of mySugr – acquired by Roche), Dr. David Kerr (Director of Research and Innovation at Sansum Diabetes Research Institute) and John Sjolund (Co-Founder Luna Diabetes, Founder Timesulin – acquired by Bigfoot Biomedical) are newly joining the Advisory Board of SNAQ.
SNAQ’s journey started after the partner of one of the founders got diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes which resulted in experiencing the everyday worries and uncertainties around meals. “It’s about time we take the guesswork out of carb counting and understand better what food does to our bodies,” says former mySugr CEO, Anton Kittelberger. “I am thrilled to support SNAQ on that mission.” The Swiss-based company has spent years on research, conducted several studies, and included the feedback from thousands of users in the development of the app. “This is a game-changing technology that can help people with diabetes use food choices to achieve outcomes that matter,” says Dr. David Kerr from Sansum Diabetes Diabetes Research Institute. 
The launch in the US is the first step in SNAQ’s broader vision to reveal the impact of food on health by analyzing nutrition and biosensor data.
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Source: SNAQ AG