Snapt and the CLOUD SYSTEMS Group Partner to Deliver Cloud-Based Security and Performance Enhancing Services for All Applications.

Snapt and The CLOUD SYSTEMS Group today announced that they have partnered to deliver cloud-based security and performance-enhancing services for all applications. Both Snapt and The CLOUD SYSTEMS Group excel at rapidly adapting to the ever-changing needs of clients and delivering exceptional value and service through all offerings, from enterprise packages to professional services, ensuring peace of mind and enhanced performance.
The partnership and value add further strengthen The CLOUD SYSTEMS Group offering and commitment to providing a complete service wrap which fulfills all workloads and requirements in a simple yet comprehensive package.
“We are pleased that The CLOUD SYSTEMS Group has joined our partner program. Our combined goals are to accelerate growth and earnings, and we look forward to further growth in the United Kingdom and beyond,” said Doug Cherry, CCO, Snapt. Not only have CLOUD SYSTEMS joined the Snapt partner program, they have also deployed a Snapt UK control panel hosted on their own secure Cloud.
Mission critical enterprise IT specialists, The CLOUD SYSTEMS Group have been providing bespoke IT services and solutions to clients globally for over 10 years. Hosting all of their solutions in house on their global private cloud, they ensure the highest levels of uptime, performance and support at all times.
On this new partnership, The CLOUD SYSTEMS Group COO Ed said: “The experts at Snapt have created an exceptional ADC Platform which consistently excelled throughout our extensive testing. By partnering with Snapt and hosting the platform internally, we are able to fully integrate the solution into our service whilst also providing peace of mind to our customers that we remain in complete control. The benefits provided by Snapt including enhanced application security and performance are truly immense and we are excited to work with the Snapt team as we continue on this journey together.”
Snapt ensures that business-critical applications and web services are always-on, always-fast and always-secure. Snapt is the only unified platform providing availability, security and performance for DevOps, development and IT teams everywhere. We embrace any architecture, scale or workflow. This makes Snapt a perfect solution for companies at any point in their digital transformation journey. Snapt’s application delivery controllers and threat intelligence platform enable highly available and resilient applications, with networks that can drive themselves and respond rapidly to demands and threats.
About The CLOUD SYSTEMS Group:
Offering Consultancy, Cloud, Communication and Support solutions, The CLOUD SYSTEMS Group are uniquely placed to provide a complete service wrap which fulfils all IT requirements in a bespoke package, based on your business goals. By tailoring their solutions, they can ensure that they constantly meet the clients ever changing requirements ensuring complete peace of mind.
The CLOUD SYSTEMS Group has offices across the United Kingdom and a global data center and network footprint.
Source: Snapt