‘Smart’ to ‘AI’ Paradigm Shift in Edge Computing

Uniquify, a Silicon Valley neural network technology and AI edge computing company, is announcing a proprietary neural network and AI modeling technology that introduces a new paradigm to transition consumer smart devices to consumer AI devices. The bottleneck to adopting advanced AI technology isn’t the AI models or platforms but how to economically deploy these complex AI models for consumers at the edges. Uniquify’s neural network 2.0 and AI modeling technology will enable many consumer products to become AI devices so that consumers can benefit from advanced AI models while protecting their privacy by running services at the edges.
“We have seen many consumer devices like the phone, car, and TV go through a ‘smart’ paradigm shift in the past few decades,” says Josh Lee, CEO of Uniquify. “The world is ready for an ‘AI’ paradigm shift to trigger replacement cycles in those consumer industries and more. I believe today’s advanced AI models can be grafted into numerous consumer devices to provide richer experiences and enhanced capabilities for consumers. We believe we are ready to kickstart the ‘smart’ to ‘AI’ paradigm shift with our proprietary Neural Network 2.0 and AI modeling technology.”
With neural network 2.0, AI modeling, cloud, and digital content technology, Uniquify believes that it’s time to upgrade many consumer devices such as the phone, TV, and automobile to AI devices that have markedly improved capabilities. AI model advancements in the visual, speech, and natural language processing fields can improve a wide range of smart devices to add AI capabilities to make them truly “human” devices.  Adding AI technology will add interactivity and enhance the consumer experience so much that the long-awaited replacement cycle of these products will trigger.
“We are truly excited to introduce our proprietary neural network and cloud technology to transition smart devices to a new generation of AI devices,” comments Sam Kim, COO at Uniquify. “These advancements are made possible through advanced AI modeling and our revolutionary Neural Network 2.0 technology, which shrinks the neuron in neural networks. We are engaging with a select few tier-1 partners to bring these exciting products to the market soon.”
Uniquify believes that most consumers are ready to adopt advanced AI technology in visual, speech, and natural language processing for its useful capabilities and privacy enhancements. Device and system companies just haven’t found an AI technology at a price point that creates a justifiable margin when they integrate AI technology into their products. Uniquify’s focus has been to solve this fundamental business problem by re-thinking the new fabric of neural network and AI models to deploy the most advanced AI models to edge devices.
Neural Network 2.0 is a foundational neural network technology that shrinks the neuron in neural networks by replacing the conventional multiply-accumulate (MAC) block with Uniquify’s proprietary AI processing element (AIPE) to reduce the area, power consumption, and cost of neural network application silicon by up to 20 times. 
Uniquify’s core business includes neural network platform & modeling, AI edge computing, consumer application SoC development, and semiconductor IP licensing.  Uniquify is ready to unveil neural network 2.0 technology, Digital Content AI models, and high bandwidth & performance AI edge computing SoC through an invitation-only demo at 2022 CES. For more information, please visit Uniquify.com or email us at ces@uniquify.com.
Source: Uniquify, Inc.