Smart Sight Innovations Maintenance Ticket Tracking System (MTTS) Revolutionizes Services Across Various Sectors

Smart Sight Innovations, specialist software developers based in Mumbai, announced the launch of Maintenance Ticket Tracking System or MTTS for short. It is a ticket tracking systems that those involved in maintenance services will find useful for their business.

Speaking on the occasion, the VP of Smart Sight Innovations said that in current environment where there are hundreds of service providers and competition is keen, they need to be on top of the situation and deliver perfectly satisfactory services at all times. One headache for such service providers, whether they are serving the domestic sector or any other sector, is that of keeping track of service. MTTS is the answer to the needs of modern day service providers. It is a simple ticket tracking system with ease of use and even those who are not familiar with IT or internet can use it.

He went on to state that MTTS is cloud based and it is available in the form of Software as a Service or SaaS on very affordable terms.

When asked as to who will find it useful and how it can be used he explained that it is useful for any type of service provider. For example, the residential sector needs various types of service providers like electricians, plumbers, contractors, interior decorators, pump maintenance, lift maintenance and others who may be serving residential colonies as well as individuals. They can all make use of MTTS. Ticket numbers are automatically assigned on initiation of a service request and their client as well as the service provider can track the ticket and know progress or get updates.

MTTS does have some other useful features too. Besides ticket tracking that keeps customers updated, MTTS from Smart Sight Innovations also incorporates key features such as reporting and logs that will help service providers identify gaps in services and improve services. Their customers too can track status and be satisfied. MTTS improves brand image of the service providers and could well become invaluable and indispensable in the time to come.

The cloud based software can be accessed from desktop computers or from mobiles and data is stored in the cloud itself so service providers need not worry about storing and maintaining data. Data is also kept very secured and backed up in the cloud.

“We aim to rope in thousands of small and large service providers and this is why we are offering MTTS as a cloud based SaaS on very reasonable rates that even small service providers like maid service, cleaning service and electricans can afford it.”

Smart Sight has broad vision and MTTS is just part of their thrust to create innovative IT solutions that will take advantage of an existing market largely ignored by most players. “We think of the common man and their common needs and find uncommon solutions.”