Smart & Powerful Folding E-Bike Debuts on Indiegogo

On the 28th of October 2021, NaiciSports announced its latest innovation – Naicisports X1, on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. Naicisports X1 is a smart and powerful folding e-bike with three switchable riding modes, a five-speed assist system, and a precise torque sensor that offers a new riding style for outdoor transportation. Naicisports X1 is now available on Indiegogo:

Break the routine and redefine smart travel; daily commuting has never been so easy. Naicisports X1 has three styles for riding: electric mode, cruise control mode, and normal bicycle mode. The intuitive sensor can detect every mode and precisely respond, creating a seamless riding experience. Conquer all kinds of terrain easily. Whether it be a flat road or a bumpy mountain road, cross any with little effort. The powerful 36V 250W motor has five different levels of power assistance, great for steep inclines. Even if the rider wearing a mask, they won’t feel short of breath. The magnesium alloy makes the weight of the fuselage lighter and can be easily folded and taken on the subway or bus. The overall streamlined design is 25% less obstructed than ordinary e-bikes after wind simulation tests.
The previous generation of Naicisports has raised approximately US$1.09 million in crowdfunding in Japan with the support of over 1,400 Backers. The campaign also received more than 500 likes and almost 200 genuine comments. Naicisports X1 is their upgraded version.
Upgraded from the first-gen 250W motor, the new 350W high-speed geared brushless motor has enough pulling power to help the rider effortlessly conquer a 30° incline. Brushless motors are smoother, more efficient, and generate no magnetic drag when riding the bike without any power. Naicisports X1’s five-speed electric power-assist automatically controls the output based on the pedaling. Raising the gear allows riders to ride long distances and ride up slopes more easily. The torque sensor will adjust the input power according to the force applied to the pedals. The motor won’t waste any extra battery when it’s not needed, making it a more efficient power system.
In E-assist mode, it can easily reach a top speed of 15.5miles/25km in one hour. To go faster, a top speed of 18miles/30km in one hour is also possible with a simple adjustment in setting but please obey the local law.
The standard body battery can travel up to 52miles/85km, and an additional 31miles/50km with an add-on battery, which surpasses the maximum distance of most current e-bikes.
The body only weighs 17.5kg which can easily be loaded into a car and carried during travels.
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