Smart Graphical Password Application released by CustomSoft

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Security always needed to maintain data confidential. Graphical password strategy application allows user to set a pattern to access other applications.

Graphical password application needs to enter information at the time of registration and need to draw a pattern to allocate password twice.

Features of graphical password application are notes as below-
1. The pattern changes for every login
2. The Pattern is a 4X4 Grid collection of fruits.
3. The user must draw at least 4 fruits at the time of registration
4. Every Application can have different pattern password.
5. Support user to select better password
6. Freedom of choice
7. Easy to use
8. Reliability and accuracy and efficiency

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Smart graphical password application provides several benefits like-
1. Provide better user interface
2. Easier to use
3. More effective feedback
4. Provides tight security to Business applications

The pattern is some set of images like set of fruits which randomly changes its position at every login. The pattern is a 4X4 Grid consisting of multiple fruits images.

The user has to drag or draw at least over 4 fruits for the application to consider his pattern lock. Automatic unique id also generated for every user at the time of registration.

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