Small Businesses Can Use Press Release Distribution to Connect With Target Audiences

Newswire’s award-winning press release distribution provides businesses with an opportunity to quantify the impact of future events and company news using captivating headlines and engaging stories to connect with the audiences that matter most.
“Press release distribution offers numerous ways to connect and engage with the public,” said Charlie Terenzio, CMO and SVP of Media and Marketing Communications at Newswire. “Whether it’s a company announcement, new product launch or local event, it’s important to know and understand your target audience in order to build a rapport and get them talking about your business.”
Newswire’s distribution network is built to help small businesses grow their brand through strategic, well-timed business announcements. Through press release distribution, small businesses can be thought leaders, sharing valuable insights and unique information that can only come from firsthand experience.
Furthermore, leveraging social media in tandem with press release distribution can extend a business’s reach even further. Together, they can be extremely effective in establishing a brand story, creating more opportunities for potential consumers to connect with a business.
By connecting early and often, small businesses can keep their most passionate supporters informed. As people grow more enamored and more attached to a business, they become its most steadfast brand advocates.
“PR distribution gives companies a chance to demonstrate transparency, which is essential in today’s business climate. Ultimately, people want to do business with the brands they know and trust,” added Terenzio.
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