SLIQ Bubble Tent: The World is Your Bubble

SLIQ, an American home and lifestyle solutions brand, is set to launch its limited edition SLIQ Bubble Tent. Comfortably fitting four to six adults with furniture, the bubble tent is the ultimate solution for those looking to dine outdoors, reunite with loved ones, participate in study groups, take RV trips, and so much more.
The bubble tent, made from a durable PVC material, provides a crystal-clear 360-degree view of surroundings, creating a picturesque environment for all occasions. Designed to withstand the elements, come rain, snow or shine, the bubble tent also includes summer accessories, such as sun shades with UV protection for year-round use.

The instant pop-up design was engineered in New York and sets up in seconds, requiring virtually no assembly at all. An ideal companion for travel, day-trips and outdoor experiences, the durable bubble tent weighs a total of only 24 pounds (including all accessories). Whether the occasion is a backyard barbecue, special celebration, study group, or a camping trip, the SLIQ Bubble is an ideal solution.
“Only 15% of our population have been vaccinated against COVID-19 as of today, according to CDCP[1]. With new COVID strains emerging and questions regarding the efficacy of vaccines, this still poses substantial risks. Our aim is to support families, restaurants and schools across the country, as they navigate through this uncertain period, from social distancing requirements to reduced operating capacities and unpredictable weather conditions. Schools and restaurants have been leveraging the benefits of the SLIQ Bubble Tent to set up more permanent experiences, for example, study group bubbles and dining experiences. We want to ensure that unique, outdoor dining experiences are still made possible, in a fun, safe and protected environment,” said Rishi Mahtani, Marketing Manager of SLIQ.
The SLIQ Bubble Tent is available for purchase at for $299.
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