SkyVPN Releases Updated Version Offering a Redesigned Interface, Advanced Features

SkyVPN, a renowned virtual private network provider, has just released the latest version of its service, available as a mobile application for both Android and iOS. The update includes a completely revamped user interface, along with upgraded features such as smart proxy, and improved performance of streaming and gaming servers.
New look, same mission
The app’s new design is sleek and easy to use, representing SkyVPN’s overarching themes of reliable and user-friendly access to a free, global network.
New ways to protect data
Smart proxy is an advanced feature that optimizes a user’s application of a VPN. It allows users to enjoy all the benefits of browsing the web with their sensitive information safely protected, while also maintaining access to sites or apps that require direct connection to internet, such as food delivery apps. 
This feature works by filtering traffic related with your online security and privacy through an encrypted tunnel, while the rest of your devices, websites or applications are directly connected to local internet. As not all online traffic is sensitive, this method is far more efficient than full tunneling and helps to prevent a slow, congested network. Smart Proxy allows users to choose which apps to trust.
Why use VPNs?
Virtual private networks have become increasingly popular and needed in a time where people use their computers and phones for nearly everything. VPNs protect users’ personal information and IP addresses from data breaches and hacking, which have become commonplace today. 
VPNs also allow users to stream content from anywhere, and gain access to websites and information that would be restricted to them due to geological restrictions and censorship. These private networks grant users anonymity and privacy while browsing the internet by encrypting online traffic. 
 “We aim to constantly improve the usability, making SkyVPN a more reliable, user-friendly product for users,” said Edward, Director of Product Development at SkyVPN. “From big data to AI, we are stepping into an era of massive cybersecurity risks, and people need easy-to-use tools to protect online privacy in everyday life. We are dedicated to helping users avoid their personal data from being misused and making internet freedom more accessible.”
To learn more, download SkyVPN in the App Store or Google Play Store, or visit for more information.
About SkyVPN
SkyVPN provides fast, private and secure internet access to global users. Powered by robust global VPN servers, SkyVPN enables users to transcend digital borders and enjoy a secure internet connection, anonymous web browsing and a stable online experience. SkyVPN’s unlimited premium VPN service is available for Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS. For more information, please visit
Source: SkyVPN