Sky Track Solutions Launched New Telematics and Vehicle security Focused Website

Kampala – Sky Track Solutions, the East Africa Telematics and vehicle security Company, launched a brand new Telematics and vehicle security – Focused, interactive, user friendly web site this month.

The site is designed in direct response to Sky Tracks Solutions research into what clients really want and be able to find very quickly.

Sky Track Solutions Chief Executive Albert A Rehan: “We have always wanted our web site to be user friendly, interactive, appealing to our client and partners, the launch of our new web site is to incorporate our various telematics Solutions under one simple umbrella and are easier to find”

Sky Track Solutions has recently added advance vehicle tracking systems and remote assets monitoring plus fuel theft prevention and various other security devices for multiple solutions. The solution is widely available to fleet managers, government institution, oil and gas companies and not for profit organization (NGO`S)

“Our Client want to be able to submit an RFQ on-line, see our tracking Solutions and find out how it works and know more features,” says Albert A Rehan. “We are a successful, growing and strongly reliable telematics company with a 100% focus on our client’s assets and security.

We are continually innovating and improving our products and services. The new website is the natural next step.”

“We are in a competitive market. At Sky Track Solutions we know that our products are not only the very best available but also that we listen to our customers. As a result, we will continue to refine our products and services to meet their needs now and in the future.” Says: Albert A Rehan