SkinPro Celebrates Launch of Men’s Facial Cream ‘The Daily Wingman’

Men of all ages and races fall victim to environmental factors such as UV rays and pollution on a daily basis. It’s also inevitable that men can develop poor skin complexion, and even adult acne, simply from being healthy and active. To add insult to injury, celebrating success in life and doing “guy stuff” like staying out late, consuming alcohol, and smoking cigars leads to eye bags and unsightly dark under-eye circles. The end result is the look of a beaten, downtrodden man each and every morning.
Nobody understands this constant battle more than SkinPro Founder & CEO Tim Schmidt, who describes himself as “an obsessive soccer Dad who when time permits explores the world, collects tequila, and will never turn down a round of golf or a fine cigar.” Schmidt has worn many hats for the global skincare brand over the years, and along the way has been highly involved in all states of product development, perhaps most importantly personally testing each concept for efficacy.
A demanding work and family life coupled with the scorching Florida sun taught Schmidt early on just how important a skincare routine was.
“Life often moves at a pace that doesn’t allow a lot of time for self-care. As a man who fully understands this, I’ve created an easy-to-use facial cream for men that is not only easy to use but affordable for men of any stage in life,” said Schmidt. 
The Daily Wingman Formula aims to add swagger and confidence to men of all ages and races. Formulated with DEFENSIL®, a skin conditioning agent that soothes skin, calms inflammation, and remedies redness, this product is what the active male needs to stand out in any competitive environment.
Natural extracts from organic green tea, in addition to oils derived from avocado, coconut, olive, lavender, and peppermint protect the skin’s surface from oxidative damage caused by free radicals and environmental stressors such as pollution and UV rays. Within days of being listed on, the product launch was discussed on blogs catering to men such as JustLuxe, ManTripping, UnfinishedMan, and MenWhoBlog.
Early reviews are positive, and the company expects this to become a flagship product that helps create more awareness to the importance of skincare for men.  
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Source: SkinPro