SKELLAM AI is All Set to Disrupt eCommerce Industry With its New Product GreyFOX

businesses to improve and deliver personalized customer experiences.”

Gearing up for the launch, GreyFOX is expected to change the way small and medium level eCommerce stores engage and retain their customers. Notable features such as hyper-personalized gamification of marketing offers and automated email marketing campaigns using smart AI algorithms make it a useful platform that can be integrated into an online store. Merchants running an online store can effectively solve the task of analyzing each customer’s behavior and design personalized marketing offers.

Being a tech veteran himself, Arun recognized the need to solve complex marketing problems using AI. “Our product is a simple platform that is easy to integrate into an existing eCommerce store and boost its functionality. As it is challenging to keep a track of every customer and create offers that suits them the best, GreyFOX empowers the store with AI and solves it effectively.”

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