SistaFabu Modupe’s new book, ‘The Sigh-Lent Screams of a Woman’, is an empowering collection about women who have turned their sighs into strength, power, and healing.

SistaFabu Modupe, an empowered woman whose goal is to empower other women, has completed her new book, “The Sigh-Lent Screams of a Woman”: a meaningful collection of anthologies from women who did not hesitate to share their vulnerabilities. This is a profound piece that shows how strong a woman’s energy is, for them to be able to turn their pain into power. Each testimony is written either in essay or in poetry form, whatever suits the contributor best. Furthermore, SistaFabu Modupe hopes to inspire a lot of women out there through these amazing testimonies.
Modupe shares, “A woman’s screams are never SILENT! Many times they go unheard or unacknowledged. She then SIGHS, picks herself up, and continues to move forward.
“As women who have had the narrative told to us of who we ought to be and what we ought to do, in acting out these socially constructed roles, we don’t recognize our own SIGH-LENT screams. Take a look at a time when you wanted to SCREAM but didn’t. I’m willing to bet rather than scream (what good would it do?), you just SIGHED, and that sigh lent itself to powerful action. This SIGH is not to be ignored, pushed down, covered up, swept under the rug, or kept to oneself.
“The Sigh-Lent Screams of a Woman is an anthology that presents the voices of 14 women whose sighs lent themselves to healing. Their SIGHS are in the form of essays and poetry. Each voice is special, profound, and distinct. This collection offers paralleled insight into the hearts and minds of women who have silently SIGHED and turned those sighs into power, strength, releasing, healing, and transformation. We invite you to recall a time you SIGHED, picked yourself up, and got back in the race.”
Published by Covenant Books of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, SistaFabu Modupe’s new book is a transformative read written by women for women. It delves into the hearts and minds of women whose sighs were either pushed aside or shoved down; however, still continued to rise against life’s adversities.
The author—alongside every woman who contributed in this collection—encourages women readers to recall the time when they sighed after each downfall, picked themselves up, and continued the race.
Readers can purchase “The Sigh-Lent Screams of a Woman” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.
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