Sirius College Launches World’s First Mentor Bot, a 24/7 Coach for Growing a Career in AI and Data Science

The world’s first career bot for people who want to learn AI and data science has been launched by Sirius College, the only neouniversity focused on those fields.
Luna, the bot, is designed to help professionals grow in their careers. It serves as a 24/7 mentor that can help people study, write their resume, answer questions and more.
The bot is built with Sirius’s proprietary content, in addition to state-of-the-art large language models like OpenAI’s GPT, same as the one used by ChatGPT, that recently took the world by storm. Aided by content and lessons produced by Sirius’ team of world-class professors, Luna is becoming increasingly fine-tuned on interactions with students.
“The current developments in AI are bringing a quiet tsunami that will change how people work and learn, and the magnitude of the shift might be similar to the impact the internet itself had on society”, said Gary A. Bolles, author of the book The Next Rules of Work, Chair for Future of Work at Singularity University, and global advisor at Sirius College. “Luna offers a first step for the data-minded professionals looking for ongoing advice about what and how to learn”.
The career bot speaks multiple languages (having been tested in English, Portuguese and Spanish), and is accessible to all Sirius students and a limited number of outsiders – for free in beta mode.
To be part of the bot’s development and become a beta user, it’s possible to ask for an invitation here.
Based in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, with a hub in Silicon Valley, Sirius College is uniquely positioned to provide global access to the latest AI and data science trends and technologies.
“Luna provides personalized career guidance and helps professionals navigate the rapidly changing landscape of AI and data science”, said Arnobio Morelix, CEO and co-founder of Sirius College. “It’s a game changer”.
Sirius College
Sirius College is the first neouniversity in Brazil, with hubs in Silicon Valley (California, USA) and Belo Horizonte (Minas Gerais, Brazil). The edtech received the highest score from the Ministry of Education (MEC) in 2022, which only 2.2% of colleges in Brazil receive, in addition to being named one of the 15 most promising startups in Latin America by Forbes Magazine, and ranked as one of the top 100 edtechs on the continent by the Holon IQ Global Summit in Mexico.
Sirius’ methodology prioritizes the journey of learning applied to work, with classes taught by professionals with experience in places like Google, Nubank, iFood, Meta, and much more. With a mark of 97% of employability, Sirius’ graduates now work for companies like Google, Uber, ABInbev, Deloitte, and several startups.
Currently, Sirius is offering the first postgraduate degree that connects Data Science with Decision Science, called Master in Data & Decision Science, which combines statistics, machine learning, decision theory, operational research and cognitive psychology.
Source: Sirius College