Sinclair Technologies Announces the Launch of Its SW Series Antenna

Sinclair, a division of Norsat International and a leading provider of customizable land mobile radio communication solutions, announces today the launch of their new SW series antenna.

Sinclair has been proudly offering the legendary rugged and reliable Excelsior whip antennas for quite some time. Following their innovative spirit, they are happy to introduce the newest member of their family, the SW series.

Based on years of research, development, and customer feedback, the new SW series whip antennas feature a new mechanical design for outstanding reliability for in-field use.

With Public Safety and Transportation and logistics industries in mind, the new materials also give the antenna extra ruggedness and an extended operating temperature range (-45°C to +60°C), which allows its use in all applications. Fittings are constructed of stainless steel to inhibit rust and corrosion and moulded into the housing without the use of glue or fasteners to ensure a long-lasting, reliable product, even in severe environments.

Amongst the key differentiators of the new SW antenna are:

The product is available now for order, and you can check the SW 2340 antenna additional information and datasheet at:

About Sinclair
Sinclair Technologies, a division of Norsat International, is a leading designer and manufacturer of antenna and RF signal conditioning products, systems, and coverage solutions. Sinclair products are used extensively in public safety and private industry communication networks. With over 60 years of industry-leading expertise in all aspects of antenna and RF signal conditioning design and manufacturing and a strong focus on R&D, Sinclair continues to expand its industry-leading technical solutions.

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Thiago Kubota, Marketing & Communications
Source: Canada – Sinclair Technologies ("Sinclair" or "the Company")