Simply Mobile Dentistry Partners With Industry Leader Dentulu Teledentistry Platform to Expand Onsite Dental Care Services

Simply Mobile Dentistry, Newport Beach, CA is the leader in delivering mobile dental services to patients through  concierge services that are available to corporate businesses as well as consumers directly in their homes. Simply Mobile also provides care to patients with dental emergencies as well as elderly patients in retirement homes and nursing home facilities. 
“Simply Mobile Dentistry has formed a partnership with Dentulu to provide patients with greater access to better and more affordable dental care directly at their doorstep,” states Fred Babaee CEO of Simply Mobile. “This partnership combines Simply Mobile Dentistry’s affordable and accessible mobile dental services with Dentulu’s award winning teledentistry software to enable our providers to better connect with our customers while allowing our business to scale nationwide by 2022,” continued Babaee.
Ease of receiving dental care is a major problem today. Most patients make an appointment, travel to the dental office, wait in the office before being seen due to delays, receive expensive treatment, then have to drive home despite being in pain. Our partnership with Dentulu, a revolutionary teledentistry platform, brings dentists and staff to patient’s homes, schools, community centers, senior care facilities,businesses, and other locations where our mobile unit can travel to. Patients are treated on site without complex logistical issues surrounding transportation and in the comfort of our unique mobile dental vehicles.
Simply Mobile Dentistry and Dentulu’s partnership will allow our patients to see dentists virtually, avoiding unnecessary visits to dental offices. Simply Mobile Dentistry has developed an innovative state-of-the-art mobile dental van that is equipped with Dentulu’S “Best of Class” teledentistry capabilities enabling a wide array of dental applications. We bring dental services to you, while building a comprehensive tailored preventive maintenance program to ensure a healthy oral future!
Simply Mobile Dentistry is currently running Dentulu software platform.
Source: Simply Mobile Dentistry Inc.