Simplifying farmers’ lives through technological revolution: Farmkart leading the way

The recent launch of an agritech startup’s e-commerce platform for farmers in Barwani proves technology and startups are way beyond the big cities’ corridors.

Recently, Barwani, an agri-centric region of Madhya Pradesh, witnessed a wave of a technological revolution in the form of Farmkart, a new generation startup transforming the Indian agriculture industry. Founded in 2017 and based in Barwani, Farmkart offers pioneering solutions that digitize the agri-inputs’ buying process and simplify it, making the lives of rural farmers easier and their work more fruitful. Happy customers, increasing in number every day, validate Farmkart’s e-commerce platform as the much-awaited agritech revolution expands to rural villages across all states of India.

“Farmkart, in broader terms, is changing the way others look at agriculture. No one could have ever imagined the potential of user experience that can be built around farmers and agriculture. We brought innovation to where it was needed the most. We as a team are growing every day, upgrading our own ideas and thinking of creating an impact in the everyday lives of farmers” says Atul Patidar, CEO, Farmkart.

Farmkart is led by a core team of seven in Toronto, Canada, and its operations are executed by a fast-growing team in Barwani, bringing together the local knowledge and international expertise to make farming a profitable profession. To realize this vision, the team first researched the on-ground problems the farmers of the region were facing and then launched three products, designed with a combination of technology and human compatibility.

Farmkart Digital Platform- All of Farmkart’s technology solutions follow one simple rule “Everyone in the world knows how to count money”. Every farmer, whether educated or not, can get easy access to the most affordable agriculture products and services, right from the comfort of their home or farm. Using Farmkart’s digital platform is as easy as counting from 0-9. The platform further provides farmers of the rural region access to world-class quality agriculture products at reasonable prices delivered to their doorstep within 36 hours, in just one click.

UIC- Putting its best foot forward, Farmkart has built a deep learning network that classifies and catalogs products based on a farmer’s profile and provides a smart personalized online shopping experience to each user in the palm of their hands. The UIC card not only encrypts the farmers’ individual identity, but also integrates their farm’s identity – i.e type of soil, crops, and products used by them – with the digital platform. Farmkart’s advanced data analytics then transforms the farming experience by providing farmers with their own, personal digital agronomist. Farmkart’s Unique Identification Code (UIC) also allows them to shop and pay for their orders easily with a click of a button.

Farmkart User to User Delivery- Farmkart User to User Delivery model is an innovative community-driven delivery model that paves the way for the community to come forward and become a part of an impact that Farmkart are trying to create on agriculture. One can easily carry out his/her daily activities and still can be a part of the U2U delivery process by a simple registration and identification process. An initiative that has been designed such that it utilizes minimum resources for execution, saves transportation cost and increases accessibility while promoting local employment.

Agriculture Consulting & Service Centers- Through Farmkart Agri-Nidan, agriculture also gets its first personalized agriculture consulting service providing the farmers’ end-to-end solutions based on the soil testing results, land quality, cropping patterns and historical regional data analysis. Additionally, Farmkart service centers provide low-cost repairs and maintenance with quick turnaround times, ensuring minimal disruption in farming activities.

“If there is one thing that is going to change the current situation of the agriculture community it’s the technological integration in the agriculture process.”

As Farmkart unveils its experience through its products for the people of the agriculture community, it is giving them an experience they never thought they would have. It is initiating its journey towards its vision of making rural agriculture and farmers technologically compatible. In the coming years, Farmkart envisions to add more innovative products into the lives of farmers and agriculture and increase their productivity, output, and profitability.