Simio Student Simulation Competition for December 2021 Officially Opens

Simio is excited to announce that the largest global simulation modeling competition for graduate and undergraduate student teams is officially open. The biannual event provides an enabling platform for simulation modeling and scheduling students across the globe to gain real-world experiences and win great prizes.
Simio Student Simulation Competition was introduced almost a decade ago to inspire students interested in applying simulation modeling as a tool for solving complex real-world problems. The upcoming 2021 event challenges students to develop optimized capacity and layout plans for a new medical center using Simio Software. Participants will compete for a grand prize worth $5,500 and the opportunity to have the winning project showcased on Simio’s online platforms.
Team Registration: Participating teams must consist of either graduate or undergraduate students under the supervision of an advisor or the educator managing the simulation modeling educational program. Early registration starts today and runs until September 15, 2021, for both advisors and students. 
Eric Howard, Vice President of Marketing at Simio, stated that “The December 2021 Simio Student Simulation Competition provides a platform for educators to test the knowledge imparted to students through the academic session.” He concluded by saying, “Prior experiences show that students within participating teams always end up having fun and bonding over the opportunity to apply their problem-solving skills to win great prizes.”
Simio Student Simulation Competition is the largest simulation competition dedicated to students. Hundreds of student teams participate in the biannual competition, and the May 2021 event consisted of 333 teams. Register today!
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Eric Howard
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