Simio Partners With PTC to Optimize the Digital and Agile Manufacturing Processes of Industrial Enterprises

Simio LLC is partnering with PTC (NASDAQ: PTC) to provide industrial enterprises with optimized Simio Digital Twins powered by real-time operational data from PTC’s KepwareÒ Industrial Connectivity product. This joint effort empowers shared customers to leverage Kepware’s vast library of industrial IoT (IIoT) sensors and connected systems to feed real-time data into Simio Digital Twins, enabling optimal response to events on the shop floor. The endeavor paves the way for digitally enabled enterprises to bridge IT/OT in smart factories with diverse tech stacks deploying Digital Twins.  
Simio is an AI-enabled enterprise software business with a disruptive product uniquely positioned to improve the design and operation of our clients’ businesses. Simio employs ground-breaking simulation technology and is trusted by decision makers in the world’s largest companies. Simio provides simulation modeling, scheduling, and Digital Twin solutions used by over 700 customers to build resilient and agile systems while solving the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution.
Kepware provides open solutions that support IIoT implementations and interconnectivity across industrial systems to advance industrial automation. Kepware offerings are OPC UA friendly and support proprietary protocols, powering scalable connectivity across thousands of devices and data-producing sources. The Kepware suite of products includes the KEPServerEXÔ connectivity platform and its IoT Gateway, designed to bridge plant floor data through HTTP and MQTT services, enabling digital twin applications and other manufacturing enterprises systems.
According to Renee Thiesing, Simio’s Vice President of Strategic Alliances, “The joint effort between Simio and PTC will help our shared customers accelerate their journeys towards smart, agile manufacturing processes. The combination of the Simio Digital Twin and PTC’s Kepware helps decision-makers by granting access to real-time data and prescriptive analytics powered by AI in a simulation-based, forward-looking Digital Twin.”
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About Simio LLC:
Simio LLC is an enterprise software business delivering disruptive solutions uniquely positioned to improve the design and operation of our customers’ businesses. Simio software is based on ground-breaking Simulation technology and is trusted by decision-makers in the world’s largest companies. We are an agile, fast-growing business solving the challenges of the 4th industrial revolution. For more information about Simio LLC and the Simio Forward-Looking Digital Twin, visit
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