Simio Announces the Release of Simio Software 14.221

The latest version of Simio Software 14.221 is packed with customer-driven updates and enhancements to assist you with automating repetitive tasks and improving your overall experience to ensure you focus solely on simulation modeling.
The latest features added to the newly released version of Simio Software include multi-layer modeling features, a streamlined model duplication feature, new Simbits, and an extra library. The majority of the updated features were customer-driven requests, and Simio is delighted to announce the following new ease-of-use features:
 “The new Simio Software version will provide users with new intuitive features that improve usability, the quality of visualized 3D environments, and provides the user with supportive information while using Simio,” said Eric Howard, Vice President Marketing of Simio LLC. “The features of the latest version of Simio Software are customer-driven features that optimize the user experience and highlight the level of importance we place on customer feedback.”
For more information about Simio Software 14.221, you can examine the release notes here.
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Source: Simio LLC